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Startup scouting

With our dedicated startup scouting offering, we provide corporates and investors with a tailored research service where we source startups according to their preferences in regards to location, business stage, a specific revenue target, business model and/or a specific industry. 

Gellify Iberia has developed its own methodology for startup scouting based on 3 different phases. The objective is to achieve the highest number of applications  of high quality startups through network activation (sourcing) & startup scouting (engagement + recruitment).



In the Sourcing process, GELLIFY will analyze the best startups for the problem identified. 

  • Deal-flow identification: creating & curating ad-hoc lists of start-ups on online BI platforms and own data base around Gellify Network
  • Engagement with deal-flow sources (accelerators, incubators, Partners & Start-up events)
  • Own Gellify deal-flow database (20K contacts) scanning


In the Engagement process, GELLIFY will contact the most interesting startups through Email and LinkedIn.

  • E-mail marketing (CRM) for curated start-up lists
  • Direct messages (one-to-one) with start-ups founders (LinkedIn)
  • Interviews with most relevant startups teams (conference calls)
  • Online assistance during Project submission


GELLIFY is using dedicated B2B platform as standard tool where to:

  • Create an application form for the scouting contest
  • Dissemination & Promotion through social media (LinkedIn; Twitter)
  • Manage start-ups application online (check finalized applications VS ongoing)
  • Review and update start-ups presentations
  • Assign evaluator teams & perform initial projects (online)  evaluation (scoring)

Our unique offering


Proved & Trusted Methodology

Hands on process VS Generic Data Base of Startups

Sector Knowledge & Specialization



Deal Flow Curation & Specialization

Technical experts involved in the curation process

High Quality Deal Flow Worldwide



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