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smart technology 


Our Smart Technology services help companies to create personalized software products. The products are custom-fitted to each customer’s workforce skill level and culture. They incorporate emerging technologies that can improve processes and production efficiency.


A food tech company experiences problems with quality control in their production. GELLIFY solves the problem with a thorough data analysis process, creation of proprietary analytics software, and integration of a blockchain application.

IP Software Product Development

Create personalized software products that are adapted to your technical needs and build your digital asset. Co-construct digital products following a structured roadmap, made with a software vendor’s perspective that is based on the market’s needs.

Digital Factory Transformation & Roadmaps

Trust our experts to restructure your company based on the skills and culture needed to develop in-house proprietary software assets.

Emerging tech to full scale roll-out

Scout, analyze&evaluate, adapt, and scale up cutting-edge technologies. Rely on the support of our specialists, using an open innovation approach from the pilot to the production phase.

IT Strategy

Develop your IT strategy & roadmap based on emerging technologies and ultimate trends on AI, Analytics, IoT and Cybersecurity

Advanced cryptography & Blockchain Applications

Integrate blockchain and advanced cryptography into your business model by entrusting GELLIFY as your partner for every aspect of the project.

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