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GELLIFY’s educational programs enable HR professionals to play a proactive role in the digital transformation of their companies while they recruit and train new talent. The ability to thrive in digital markets starts with the people.


A natural resources company comes to GELLIFY for help educating its workforce in digital skills. GELLIFY delivers training modules online and in person, with every lesson tailored to the company. It identifies the key digital ambassadors present within the organization who are given the tools to guide change management.

Change Programs

Mix experiential job training with business coaching and advisory in order to achieve concrete outcomes in achieving organizational, cultural, and business change. Set the right strategy and organizational design to achieve concrete results from change processes for your organization, culture, and business.

Employee Experience

Evolve your organizational structure and implement digital change management. Let GELLIFY improve your employee journey and give them tech stacks that foster a better digital workplace.

Program XYZ

Combine a data-driven and vision-oriented approach to decisionmaking in VUCA. Manage change with mindfulness

Employee community services:

Organizational Design

Employee Experience Design

Digital Workplace Platforms

Knowledge Digital Environment: learning, collaboration and co-creations platforms

Content Design and Delivery.

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