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GELLIFY’s Phygital Factory and Operations co-executes your digital transformation roadmap, deploying the advantages of Industry 4.0 in your R&D, production, and supply chain functions, with tools like Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence.


A call center gives GELLIFY the challenge to identify how to improve its efficiency in answering clients’ requests, as well as raising internal and external satisfaction levels. GELLIFY conducts a study to analyze the raw data and provides a demand forecasting plan with a substantial impact on performance.

Manufacturing Engineering

Employ operational intelligence and capacity scheduling, preventive and self-service maintenance, and advanced quality process controls to achieve better Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).

Design Engineering

Improve designs before the production phase through technology roadmapping, collaborative models, and simulations using virtual reality; as well as connected products and servitization business models.

Supply Chain

Adapt to small batch production trends by using GELLIFY’s data science and artificial intelligence to create predictive models of demand. Implement digitized warehouses, low inventories, and smart procurement tech.

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