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GELLIFY’s Entrepreneurship services are designed to bring traditional companies to the next level using our proprietary innovation tools, from strategic projects to company building.

in practice

A manufacturer consults with GELLIFY for the valuation of an investment in a startup. This investment would allow it to move from a capital goods wholesaler to a model of recurring service revenues. After the valuation, GELLIFY co-invests, helps integrate the technologies into the original business model, and gives personnel support to the startup. These combined “infusions” translate to top line revenue increases and long-term business stability.

Innovation Strategy & Governance

Scout, prioritize, finance, and plan projects which are coherent with your company’s business needs. GELLIFY’s experts bring Silicon Valley to your doorstep with expertise in investment valuation and feasibility.

Connected Products & Servitization

Digitize your products and profit from their new capabilities, while gaining insights into real end user interactions with your merchandise. Replace capital purchase models with servitization, resulting in recurring revenue streams.

Operational Technology Transformation

Take costly add-on services, once requested à la carte by customers, and turn them into profitable software business units.

Corporate Venture Capital Setup & Run

Get help setting up your own Corporate Venture Capital arm or co-invest with GELLIFY, which will manage the business unit integration and tech startups involved.

Infused Capabilities to Manage Corporate Ventures

Empower startups and spin-offs with our staff and technical support so that they can run well on their own, without relying on your internal company resources which trigger defense mechanisms against innovation.

Company Building

Build new companies on separate balance sheets, which perform under the pressure of the market. These support the parent company and generate new revenue streams.


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