Societat Valenciana Fira València S.A. (hereafter Feria Valencia or Forinvest), organizer of the Forinvest trade show, in collaboration with GELLIFY is now launching the first edition of its “Forinvest Open Call”, an international open innovation initiative aimed at startups and emerging companies. The program presents one disruptive technological challenge, on which candidates must submit their proposals.

This document contains the legal terms and conditions governing the competition and participation in the first edition of this new open innovation program which Forinvest will conduct in.


 The Forinvest Open Call is the first open innovation program of Forinvest, aimed at solving, with the innovative community, the business challenges defined by Forinvest.

With this program, Forinvest seeks to meet startups / scaleups with which to collaborate and implement solutions driven by artificial intelligence that respond to the common challenge presented by different corporations.

The participants in this open call will have the chance to work with different Corporates in a real environment, receive strategic and technical support, and the possibility of developing a project pilot and promoting their business’ growth.


For this first edition of this Open Call, Forinvest has defined the following challenge:

CHALLENGE: “Innovative applications of artificial intelligence for industry”



We are looking for startups and innovative proposals with the aim of responding to our business challenges.

The startups must have the following characteristics:

  • Be legally incorporated, as a company with its own legal personality, and not subject to legal grounds for dissolution. Neither the shareholders nor the directors of the company may be employees, directors, shareholders or maintain a commercial relationship for the provision of services with Forinvest at the time of submitting the application.
  • Have at least two people working full-time at the company.
  • Offer digital-based and IA solutions.
  • Have a product/solution that is already in the market which can demonstrate traction with good business metrics.

Innovative proposals from other entities of the innovative ecosystem (consolidated companies, technology centres, universities) will also be admitted, provided that they add value to the challenges posed and contribute to solving them and providing they comply with the characteristics mentioned above (except for legal personality, which the entity, due to its a specific nature, may not have).

Projects that meet the following requirements are eligible to participate in the selection process of the “Forinvest Open Call”:

  1. Being proposed by promoters that meet the requirements of point 4.1. “WHO IS IT AIMED AT?”.
  2. Contributing proposals that involve the application of innovative solutions to the challenges posed, either to provide a total or partial response to them.
  3. The ability to be validated through a proof of concept to be carried out with the corporates which participates in Forinvest Open Call.
  4. They must be original and hold all industrial and intellectual property and/or exploitation rights necessary to participate in and implement the Forinvest Challenge. Partial or total plagiarism of a project will result in immediate
  5. Several promoters belonging to the same beneficial owner may not
  6. The promoter/representative must be of legal age and have the legal capacity to assume the obligations resulting from these rules.
  7. The startup or promoter must be up-to-date with tax and Social Security
  8. All participants, both companies and their representatives, must not have a criminal record.

Forinvest reserves the right to exclude from the program any participant who is not able to prove the above requirements, without the right to make any claim against Forinvest. In no case will the application for accreditation reach the provisions of the paragraph eight of this fourth section.


 Candidates must formalise the application for participation by completing and sending the online form available on website, which is accessible from the open call’s website at the following link

The form must be completed in English unless use of a different language is expressly authorised by ForInvest.

The registration period will start on 6 February 2024 and will remain open until 15 March 2024 at 23:59 local time in Madrid (Spain).


The evaluation and selection period for the proposals received will start following the end of the registration period.

Forinvest’s decisions in this selection process will be final and will not need to be reasoned. Forinvest reserves the right to amend this process and schedule where required for the smooth running of the program.


The proposals received will be evaluated and selected according to the following criteria:

  • Attractiveness of the solution. Appeal of the solution and ability to meet the
  • Degree of innovation. Differential value of the product/technology with respect to other solutions existing in the market.
  • Potential impact on business in the event of success. Future capacity for revenue generation or operational improvements associated with the development of these capacities.
  • Ease of implementation. Level of resources, completion times, and external conditions that may affect the scalability of the solution.
  • Suitability of the promoter team and the company. Experience, knowledge of the sector, technical and management skills of the promoter team.



Participation in the competition implies full and unreserved acceptance of these legal terms and conditions and the waiver of any type of claim by the candidates.

Forinvest reserves the right to make changes in the development of this competition and undertakes to announce them on the program’s website for communication to all participants.

The most up-to-date version of these legal terms and conditions will always be available on the program website,

For the interpretation and compliance with these Terms and Conditions, Forinvest and the participating entities will be subject to Spanish law. At any event, Forinvest reserves the right to interpret these Terms and Conditions.


  • Participate in the Program and develop and exploit the project exclusively through the company with its own legal personality that submits the Application, and to remain as linked partners and promoter team during development of the Program and the Pilot Project.
  • Not be linked, either directly or indirectly, to another person or entity whose activity comes into direct or indirect competition with that of the project.
  • Participate, assist and collaborate in all the activities and events scheduled in the Open Call.
  • Devote priority and sufficient time to the development of the Programme.
  • Comply with the legislation and regulations applicable in each case, particularly with regard to personal data protection and intellectual and industrial property rights. In particular, the proposed solutions and the Pilot Project must comply with the regulations and sectoral legislation applicable in the country in which they are
  • Facilitate access and/or deliver the documentation and information required by

Applicants will be liable for the accuracy, truthfulness and completeness of the data provided and will also be liable for the terms of ownership and/or use declared in relation to the projects. Forinvest reserves the right to verify the veracity of the data provided, as it deems appropriate. Participants who do not meet any of the above requirements will be excluded from the Open Call.

In the same way, the participants declare that the solutions and proposals are original, or that they have the relevant authorisations and hold the rights for the normal exploitation according to the subject matter of the proposal, if there are third parties involved. In the event that any third party makes a claim due to an infringement of any right relating to the proposal or solution of intellectual or industrial property, the participants will be exclusively liable for any expense or damage resulting from such claims.

Likewise, the applicants will also be liable in the terms included in this section to Forinvest and will indemnify Forinvest entitled to compensation, where applicable.


All information or documentation that the applicant obtains from Forinvest for the development of the Open Call will be confidential and may not be disclosed to third parties without the prior written consent of the latter.

The term of the obligation of confidentiality will be ten years, without prejudice to all those elements subject to protection under Royal Legislative Decree 1/1996, of 12 April, approving the recast text of the Intellectual Property Act, regularising, clarifying and harmonising the legal provisions in force on the matter, Law 24/2015, of 24 July, on Patents or Law 1/2019, of 20 February, on Business Secrets. In such cases, the duty of confidentiality will extend throughout the period of protection of each element.


 In compliance with Organic Law 3/2018 of 5th December concerning the Protection of Data of a Personal nature and the guaranteeing of digital rights and with (EU) Regulation 2016/679 passed by the European Parliament and Council on 27th April 2016, your personal details will be processed by SOCIETAT VALENCIANA FIRA VALÈNCIA S.A. (Forinvest), whose NIF is A72668536, for the purpose of managing your participation in the event.

Forinvest will process the personal data submitted by participants to manage their applications to participate in the Forinvest Open Call and, with their consent, to inform them and send them communications, including by electronic and similar means, concerning the activities, projects and new developments in the Forinvest Open Call that might be of interest to them. The legal basis for processing their data is to manage their application to participate in the program and, for sending communications, the consent given by the participants.

Forinvest will only disclose the data when necessary, in particular, to the companies cooperating with or participating in designing and implementing the Forinvest Open Call. In this regard, your data will be communicated to the company Gellify Iberia S.L., an external consultant involved in program.

Forinvest can disclose your data to the collaborating entities listed on the website for the same purposes mentioned above. In any case, your data will be processed subject to a level of protection in accordance with applicable data protection regulations and will not be subject to automated decision-making.

The participants may at any time exercise the rights of access, rectification, erasure, objection, portability and restriction to the processing of their personal data by sending an email to or by writing to the following postal address: Av. De las Ferias s/n. 46035 Valencia or by sending a fax to telephone number + 34 / 96 3636111, for the attention of the Área de Sistemas de la Información (Information Systems Department) and attaching a copy of their identification document in force. Should you receive no response you can make a complaint to the Autoridad de Control (Supervising Authority).

The participants are also informed that they have the right to obtain the protection of the Spanish Data Protection Agency through its website

 The promoter/representative guarantees that:

The projects are originals of their authors, and/or they have exclusive exploitation rights and are authorised to assign them.

The projects will not infringe the rights of third parties, including, without limitation, intellectual or industrial property rights, copyrights, trademarks, patents, trade secrets, privacy and advertising. The content will not be illegal, nor will it have been created and/or sent in a way that violates a contractual obligation that it may have with a third party and/or it will be freely available to them.

Forinvest does not claim any ownership of the information offered or any industrial or intellectual ownership of the contents of the innovative project. The participant does not assign the industrial or intellectual property rights derived from the projects to Forinvest. In this regard, the participants understand that in order for Forinvest to examine the submitted proposal, they must authorise a necessary use so that the reality of the statements that the participants make about their proposals may be independently verified.

In the event that the collaboration between Forinvest and the participating entity generates elements subject to protection under the intellectual property, industrial property or business secret regulations, the participants undertake to enter into the agreements necessary to protect said elements. Such agreements will respect the authorship of the contributions of each one of the parties and will include the necessary authorisation to allow the peaceful integration of the developments of the participating entity with the joint developments.

In the event that the collaboration between Forinvest and the participating entity generates elements subject to protection under industrial property regulations, the parties shall refrain from any written or verbal disclosure (conferences, etc.), which may prejudice the “novelty” requirement essential for such protection to be viable.

The promoter/representative accepts that nothing in these legal terms and conditions authorises or entitles them to use the industrial property rights of Forinvest, such as trademarks or logos, nor those that are owned by either or both entities.

The participant authorises without time limit Forinvest and its collaborators to disseminate the title and the summary of the joint project in any communication action of Forinvest related to the Forinvest Open Call, as well as the image and name of the participants.

The participant also authorises Forinvest, as well as the specialised and/or general press covering the Open Call, to take images and record audios and videos in the acts that are held during the different stages of the Open Call. It also assigns without time limit to Forinvest the use of said images, voice, audios and videos, for the exclusive communication purposes of the Forinvest Open Call.

This assignment is free of charge.

The participants may revoke the assignment of their image at any time, which may entail compensation for damages caused to Forinvest, in accordance with applicable legislation.



 Forinvest reserve the right to modify, suspend or cancel this Open Call if the circumstances so require, without this giving rise to the right to any claim by any of the participants.

These legal terms and conditions do not create any legally binding obligation Forinvest. They merely reflect the will of both parties, expressed in good faith and in non-binding terms. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the provisions of paragraphs 4.1, 4.2, 5, 8.1 to 8.4, 8.6 and 8.7 constitute an obligation for the participants/startups.

Participation in the Open Call does not entail any remuneration for any item or compensation for the expenses that the participants may have incurred. Furthermore, participation in the competition does not entail any cost.


 The participants undertake, throughout the Open Call and, as the case may be, the Pilot Project with collaborating corporates, to participate and carry out the work required in compliance with the Forinvest Code of Conduct and Policies, which they expressly declare to know when submitting the proposal.