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99% of CIOs know they can make innovation more impactful on the bottom line by creating a solid plan with the right tech & startups.

But not many are delivering real results. So how are the pros doing it?

Discover the right path for your financial institution by adapting the 3 pillars of financial services innovation strategy, brought to you by GELLIFY.


Innovation. A word thrown around so often that it conjures a lofty image of beanbags and office slides, an area where companies look good while neglecting the bottom-line. This paper is about making innovation have an impact by driving business results and bringing in startup technologies that keep customers coming back for more. The three main of innovation, essential in financial services, include making innovation a source of value, tailored, and sustainable.

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The 3 Pillars

Discover the essential ingredients of innovation strategy in financial services

VALUABLE: the innovation or tech adapted must produce bottom line results. This means it must add value in terms of bringing in new customers and giving current ones more reasons to stay. 

TAILORED: One size does not fit all. Innovation in financial services should focus on H1 issues first in order to solve immediate problems for the institution. It’s a mistake to reach directly for moonshots without first tackling the company’s most immediate problems.

SUSTAINABLE: Sustainability unites the legal and profit motives for innovation. Beyond compliance, making investments to offer more sustainable financial services is the key to retaining Gen Z customers, as well as SME clients who need to prove that all aspects of their own businesses are ESG compliant.

Given that the nature and extent of innovation is truly distinctive for each individual companies, it is important for each one to examine its own climate, maturity, and opportunities. Is your financial services company truly living up to its innovation potential? The first 10 readers who download this paper may be eligible for a free initial assessment with one of GELLIFY’s financial services innovation experts.

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