Automated Solar PV Inspections

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Through Applus+ Ventures, the Energy Division aims to partner up with a startup/scaleup that is able to deploy a solution that enables the precise geo-referenced location in a solar PV plant of a panel identified as defective in an aerial inspection.

about applus+ ventures

New line of action in the field of innovation, through which Applus+ seeks to collaborate with startups / scaleups that have the potential to be incorporated into the Group’s different services and help create a more sustainable future.​

​This strategic approach will help the Group to:​

  1. Be more agile in developing new projects.​
  2. Access new market segments.​
  3. Incorporate disruptive products, technologies and business models in the TIC (Testing, Inspection and Certification) Sector.​
  4. Collaborate with the most innovative talent.​
  5. ​Connect with the Ecosystem to further strengthen its innovation positioning.​


As a global leader in the Testing, Inspection and Certification (TIC) sector, Applus+ counts with vast technical expertise and deep market knowledge that turn the Group into an ideal partner to any company with a mature product /solution that is willing to scale globally.​

Through Applus+ Ventures, Applus+ will provide the collaborating companies with the opportunity to develop their project through cooperation mechanisms and by offering them:​​

  1. Expert Knowledge
  2. Strategic & Technical Support
  3. Investment & Financial Support ​
  4. Product Technology & Validation
  5. Potential Implementation in Applus+
  6. Commercial Alliances
  7. Global Market Reach
  8. Increased Visibility & Reputation

    what we seek

    To advance in the automation of automation of solar photovoltaic inspections, Applus+ is prepared to develop collaboration agreements with selected startups/scaleups that comply with the following criteria:​

    1. Legally Incorporated Companies.​
    2. Startups / Scaleups with a solid team and a clear technological advantage or product differentiation.​
    3. Mature solutions, NOT ideas, with a fully-functional product or proven technical capabilities for rapid implementation.​
    4. Startups with a validated solution for automated solar PV inspections
    5. Startups capable of generating geo-referenced 3d models of the structure and positioning elements on it.
    6. The solution should be able to work with any drone, and require as little human intervention on field as possible.

      The Challenge: Automated Solar PV Inspections


      Solar photovoltaic plants are becoming larger and larger. Nowadays, it is already common for them to exceed 50MW. Therefore, the number of solar panels in this type of plants is very high.

      When aerial inspections of such plants are made, the images obtained facilitate the identification of defective solar panels. But the subsequent exact location of these panels on the ground is a process that currently ends up being done manually by a field technician. This is largely due to the fact that plant drawings cannot be taken as a reference, due to the differences that may exist with reality.

      What we are looking for is a solution that allows to automate in a precise way the association of those defects detected from the aerial inspection images with the corresponding physical solar panels in the plant.

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