Hydrogen Fuel Cell Stack 


Through Applus+ Ventures, the IDIADA Division aims to partner up with a startup/scaleup that has developed Fuel Cell Stacks solutions capable of being integrated into OEMs hydrogen-powered vehicles in order to test / validate its technological performance.​

Specifically targeting PEM-based solutions, open to explore mature solutions in other transportation industries (Drones, Sailing…) or using other fuelsin order to assess their product application in the automotive sector.

about applus+ ventures

New line of action in the field of innovation, through which Applus+ seeks to collaborate with startups / scaleups that have the potential to be incorporated into the Group’s different services and help create a more sustainable future.​

​This strategic approach will help the Group to:​

  1. Be more agile in developing new projects.​
  2. Access new market segments.​
  3. Incorporate disruptive products, technologies and business models in the TIC (Testing, Inspection and Certification) Sector.​
  4. Collaborate with the most innovative talent.​
  5. ​Connect with the Ecosystem to further strengthen its innovation positioning.​


As a global leader in the Testing, Inspection and Certification (TIC) sector, Applus+ counts with vast technical expertise and deep market knowledge that turn the Group into an ideal partner to any company with a mature product /solution that is willing to scale globally.​

Through Applus+ Ventures, Applus+ will provide the collaborating companies with the opportunity to develop their project through cooperation mechanisms and by offering them:​​

  1. Expert Knowledge:
  2. Strategic & Technical Support
  3. Investment & Financial Support ​
  4. Product Technology & Validation
  5. Potential Implementation in Applus
  6. Commercial Alliances
  7. Global Market Reach
  8. Increased Visibility & Reputation

    what we seek

    To fuel value-adding innovation in the field of Fuel Cell Stacks, Applus+ is prepared to develop collaboration agreements with selected startups/scaleups that comply with the following criteria:

    1. Legally Incorporated Companies.​
    2. Startups / Scaleups with solid team and a clear technological advantage or differentiator.
    3. ​Advanced technological developments, NOT concepts, with intregrated technological components validated in a relevant environment (TRL >=5)
    4. ​Interested in targeting road transportation industry (cargo and/or passenger vehicles)
    5. Startups demanding technical advice for automotive technology validation / co-study of the application to road vehicles.
    6. ​Companies prepared for in-vehicle system testing (test level) or interested in product co-development (simulation level).​ ​

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      World leader in the Testing, Inspection and Certification (TIC) sector, recognized by the market as a trusted partner with passion for progress. These 3 pillars guide the company’s strategy through its 4 different divisions: Energy & Industry, Laboratories, Automotive and IDIADA.​

      Thanks to a broad portfolio of solutions for a wide variety of needs – ranging from comprehensive asset management to the most common regulatory inspections- Applus+ helps to enhance the quality & safety of clients’ assets, infrastructures and operations globally, and to improve their environmental performance.

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